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Baristocracy is Alex Forsyth, Kate Hudson and their kids Cooper and Tess

Alex Forsyth, born and raised in Sydney, Australia has been roasting and preparing coffee for more than twenty years, learning at his father’s knee in arguably the centre of coffee excellence. Alex is a Speciality Coffee Association of Europe and World Barista Championship judge and holds the SCAE Barista Level 2 qualification. Alex has been roasting, blending and brewing coffee for most of his life. He has also delivered hundreds of hours of coffee education to at-home baristas, professionals and barista competition participants.

Alex left the 38 degree Sydney summer in February 2017 to move to the North East. Why would you do such a thing? I hear you cry. Well, for love. And the chance to contribute to the exciting speciality coffee scene here in our wild and beautiful corner of England. The other half of the team is Kate Hudson, a Geordie lass cursed with wanderlust, she met Alex in Brisbane almost 10 years ago and the rest is history. After six happy years on the North Shore they decided to leave the sunny climes of Sydney and bring their coffee knowledge and expertise to the North East.

Baristocracy is a family business bringing you Australian speciality coffee expertise here in the heart of the North East.

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