Baristocracy Coffee is a small family business. The result of a lifelong dream of owning a business, a love of speciality coffee and a lot of hard work.

Alex grew up in Sydney, learning to roast and brew coffee from his parents. Their cafe, Forsyth Coffee and Tea, is still going strong on the North Shore. It’s one of our favourite places in the world. Our son, Cooper, spent the first two years of his life watching rosellas flit through the coffee trees that used to shade the outdoor seating area. 

Over the six years we lived in Sydney, we made frequent visits back to the UK, bracing ourselves for the lack of good quality coffee. However, as time went on we saw the change happening. More cafes offering speciality coffee. Roasters like the OCC and Pink Lane paving the way for great, locally roast coffee and the many, many enthusiasts who had gone down the speciality coffee rabbit hole, never to come out.

From the moment we started talking about what our business might one day look like, at its centre were three main things: excellent, interesting and delicious speciality coffee; properly paid farmers and transparency throughout our supply chain; continuous improvement in sustainability and minimising our environmental footprint.

Since starting Baristocracy in 2017 we have grown our business, keeping a close eye on our responsibilities as part of this industry. We source coffees that are not only delicious and super flavourful but also grown by small holders, marginalised communities and from less well-known coffee producing countries. 

The decisions we make when selecting green coffees have a direct impact on the varietals and processing methods that growers and washing stations choose to use. By working with importers who create lasting relationships with coffee producers, sharing knowledge and support, we can help offer the security needed for producers to experiment. Trying different processing methods and new varietals of coffee can be too risky for producers if they’re not sure if the end product will sell. Strong, sustained relationships mean growers have the time and space to r&d new coffees, especially when they don’t have huge coffee farms and plenty of money at their disposal. We love being a part of bridging the gap between those growing coffee and those sipping it in their homes here in the UK.

Find out more about the importers and producers we’re currently working with here.