MASL - 1600 - 2100
Usual processing methods - Natural, Washed

Oh, this coffee. Picking a favourite coffee is like picking your favourite song, it depends on what is happening when you listen to it or how you want to feel. However, this coffee is just so special. The aroma even before you grind it, is super strong. It is mouth-watering when being ground and is just as flavoursome when brewed.

This coffee, named Bukonzo Dream after the tribe that have farmed the Rwenzoris for 15 generations, is brought to us by Omwani Coffee, a York based importer of green coffee. Kananga Neckson, lead farmer and Rwenzori native, has grown an absolutely spectacular coffee. We’re unapologetic about the fact that this is one of our favourite coffees. The silkiness, the strawberryness (yes that’s a word). The aroma alone is enough to draw you in but the taste is exceptional. We love this coffee as filter, black, but it also works beautifully with milk for a flavoursome, complex flat white.

Uganda, along with Ethiopia, is one of the few countries where coffee grows naturally. Robusta trees can be found around Lake Victoria and formed the basis of Uganda’s initial coffee trade. After failed initiatives to capitalise on the native robusta and a devastating battle with coffee-wilt disease in the early 2000s, Uganda wasn’t really on the speciality coffee map. Arabica was introduced to the country by way of Ethiopia and had been a partner crop, grown in the mountainous Rwenzori region along with beans, peanuts and bananas, for mostly home consumption. It’s only relatively recently that growers and the Ugandan government became aware of the quality of some arabica grown in this fertile area.

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