No matter if you’re a complete beginning, keen amateur or a professional barista we can help build your knowledge and skills with our range of coffee education experiences. Most courses are arranged on an ad hoc basis and delivered one to one or to private groups. We offer slots on Tuesdays after 2pm and Wednesdays or Saturdays starting at 10am or 2pm:


Coffee Appreciation

Book a spot and join us for a coffee cupping. Learn to evaluate the flavour of different coffees and build your coffee tasting vocabulary so you can articulate the flavours and other sensory experiences that you enjoy and those you dislike.

Experience how different brewing methods affect flavour profile & presence in the cup and get some hot tips to bring your home brewing to the next level.

Max 6 people | £32.50 per person | 90 mins   

1st Saturday of every month, 10am     Book via  Call us on 07908007726 or email for more info

250g coffee to take home for each participant

Individual Coffee Appreciation courses are available, email for more information

Home Barista

Learn to make the most of your brewing equipment with our Home
Barista course. We can adapt the content to suit your needs and skill
level covering such areas as:

– an introduction to green coffee, the various processing methods and how we choose the green coffees we buy

– a little look at coffee roasting (we can actually do a roast while you’re there if you’d all like to see how it works)

– a coffee cupping where participants try several different coffees and evaluate their flavours

– brewing – a hands on opportunity to try different brewing methods and/or work on barista skills you already have

– troubleshooting – ways to understand where problems might be coming from when you’re brewing

– milk texturing – getting that perfect micro foam & work arounds
for home machines plus working with plant based alternatives (if

– latte art tutorial

Max 6 people | £55 per person | 2.5hrs

Delivered one on one to individual or family/friend group                         

250g coffee to take home for each participant.